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Since 1978, we are manufacturing various type of tires. Few years back we started manufacturing skid steer tires which are widely known for its durability.

These days skid steer loaders have become one of the harder working pieces of equipment in the industry. As demand of these machines increasing, so do the demand of skid steer tyres is increasing day by day. We produce skid steer tires with special design which improves machines performance and reduce cost per hour. Our tyres are designed with super deep and ridged treads which perform well in extreme jobs such as demolition, scrap yard, rocks etc. Our Asha Skid Steer tyre have a specially designed rim guard and thick sidewall to protect against rim damage and side wall puncture.

Following are areas where Skid Steer Tyres are used:
  • General Construction
  • Skid Loaders lenter
  • Snow removal
  • Land Scrapping
Skid Steer Loader Tires  
SKID STEER Tires Code Sizes Type Pattern PR
1 ASS - 501 10.00X16.5 TL SS 12
2 ASS - 502 12.00X16.5 TL SS 12
3 ASS - 503 12.00X16.5 TL SS 14
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