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As the name implies of Multi-Purpose Tires (MPT) flexible for both on road and rough ground off road. These high grade Multi Purpose Tires are known as an industrial tire. Our MPT tires are designed with tested raw material to ensure high mileage, offer low resistance and magnificent in tough on / off road job sites. Its sturdy tread design pattern make its ideal for slop as well as in sandy desert (ideal for mix of paved and unpaved surfaces). MPT tires is also suitable for military vehicles as it has good energy consumption.

MPT Tires  
MPT Tires Code Sizes Type Pattern PR
1 AMPT - 401 12.5-80X18 TL MPT 14
2 AMPT - 402 12.5-80X18 TT MPT 12
3 AMPT - 403 12.5-80X18 TL MPT 16
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