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For almost 35 years we are into manufacturing of rubber products. Few years back we started manufacturing fork lift tires which are widely known for its durability.

There are two types of fork lift tires - One is solid and second one is pneumatic.

We produce pneumatic fork lift tires only. Our Asha Tires are very tough and durable, these are used for industrial purpose. These tyres are designed for fork lift truck and service on material handling equipments. We are designed tires with an alternate continues lug that provides increased footprints for maximum stabilizing handling and load distribution. Asha tyres have excellent resistance to tear and cuts. The deep tread, extra thick sidewell, tough curing provide exceptional durability and minimize the risk of puncture and accidental damages. We have specially designed rim guard which act as a protection against flats and wheel damages.

Fork Lift Tires  
Fork Lift / Industrial Tires
Forklift tyres are available in various sizes and Ply rating as given below: Code Sizes Type Pattern PR
1 AFL - 701 5.00X8 TT INDL 10
2 AFL - 702 6.00X9 TT INDL 10
3 AFL - 703 6.50X10 TT INDL 10
4 AFL - 704 7.00X12 TT INDL 14
5 AFL - 705 8.15X15 TT INDL 12
6 AFL - 706 8.25X15 TT INDL 12

Industrial Tires / Industrial Tractor Rear Tires-(R4)

Asha Rubber Industry have very good quality tires for Industrial tractor made with a pattern having extra wide lugs extensive overlap at the centre. Gives resistance to buckling, tearing and cracking. Super compound and tough nylon casing gives best result on industrial use as well as for off the road and construction sites. A special engineered tread pattern tyre for Industrial Tractor with super compound and tough nylon casing Wider lugs with optimum gap between them at centre and at shoulders have improved the puncture resistance. Increased tread depth and strong crackers ensures long life. Our tires are suitable for road construction and other industrial tractors.
Industrial Tires are available in heavy duty construction for severe application.

  • Deep and tough tread R2 tire for excellent traction on wet & sticky soil with excellent self cleaning properties, preventing mud logging between the lugs.
  • Sidewall rubber preventing weather cracking.
  • Industrial Tractor Tires made with a pattern having extra wide lugs with extensive overlap at the centre, gives resistance to buckling, tearing and cracking
  • Its special designed tread with tough compound and higher denier strong nylon casing give superior durability on industrial & construction application.
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