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Passenger Car Tires

We are one of the prominent manufacturer and exporter of car tires having unique rim diameters and temperature resistance. Our car tyres are famous for its smooth tread rolling pattern which provide strong control on the tough and sludge road. All other important specification of passenger car tires are given below:
Passenger Car Tires  
Passenger Car Tires
Passenger Car Tyres  
Passenger Car Tires
Car Tires  
Passenger Car Tires
Car Tyres  
Passenger Car Tires Code Sizes Type Pattern PR
1 APC - 01 4.50X10 TT PASSENGER 10
2 APC - 02 4.50X12 TT PASSENGER 6
3 APC - 03 4.50X12 TT PASSENGER 10
4 APC - 04 5.20/5.60X14 TT PASSENGER 6
5 APC - 05 5.20/5.60X14 TT PASSENGER 10
6 APC - 06 5.00X12 TT PASSENGER 6
7 APC - 07 5.00X12 TT PASSENGER 10
8 APC - 08 6.00X16 TT PASSENGER 12
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