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We are pioneers in our field of manufacturing irrigation tires which are used for irrigation of agriculture land. We have a wide range of tyres in the category R1. Our irrigation tires are well designed to grip even in the wet soil. Traction pattern is well suitably designed to used in all weather conditions. Lug gematery gives better wear uniformity. Specially designed side wall rubber compound prevents weather cracking. Specially designed profile and construction for greater stability.

Irrigation Tires  
Irrigation Tires Code Sizes Type Pattern PR
1 AIR - 101 14.9X24 TT R1 6
2 AIR - 102 14.9X24 TT R1 8
3 AIR - 103 16.9X38 TT R1 12
4 AIR - 104 11.2X38 TT R1 4
5 AIR - 105 11.2X38 TT R1 6
6 AIR - 106 14 .9X24 TL R1 6
7 AIR - 107 14 .9X24 TL R1 8
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